Curtis Cline Financial Service was established in 1985. The primary offering has been Income Tax Preparation for individuals and small businesses. While growing in the income tax preparation area, CCFS was one of the first organizations to offer Electronic Filing for both Federal and State tax filing.

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Tax Season Preparation

Please review all the sections below and if they apply to you, take note of those and what actions you might need to take or ITEMS YOU NEED TO BRING.

IRS begins accepting returns January 27th
Deadline for Individual Filing is April 15th

There were only slight changes to taxes this year.  Most were only small adjustments to rates. A late extenders bill was also passed.

1040-SR – There is a new tax form for those over 65.  We will continue to use only one tax form that covers all tax filings . . .the 1040.

Forms Redesigned – The 1040 and several of the schedules have been redesigned but does not change the tax amount.

Standard vs Itemized – The standard deduction slightly increased this year and will still likely mean that many taxpayers will be better off with the standard deduction vs itemizing.

Single ……..…..12,200
Married Joint…….. 24,400
Head of Household.. 18,350

Charitable Contributions – Deductions are limited to 60% of adjusted income.  No deduction if the contribution secures athletic event seating rights.  Must have a written record from the donee, obtained no later than when donor files tax return.

Mortgage Interest – Deductions are limited to 1 million or $750,000 in home value.  No home equity or 2nd loans unless you can prove it was to buy, build, or improve the home.

Sales or State Tax Deduction Sales and/or Sate Taxes deductions are limited to $10,000 max this year.

Miscellaneous Deduction – This deduction was removed last year and resulted in no deduction for unreimbursed employee business expenses, mileage, investment expenses, tax preparation fees, uniforms, or hobby expenses in itemized deductions

QBI – 20% Deduction  – The new deduction for some Businesses will continue for 2019.  There are a number of new forms that may be required.

Child Tax Credit  – $2,000 for children under age 17.

Qualifying Relative Credit – This $500 credit replaces the exemption deduction for eligible dependents.

Moving Expenses – Gone for everyone except members of Armed Forces.

Entertainment/Meal Exp – Business deduction for entertainment expenses was eliminated.  You may still claim ½ of the Meal Expenses for business purposes.

Divorce – Alimony is now non-tax-deductible for the one paying, and the one receiving alimony will not pay tax on it for Divorces final after 12/31/2018.

Heatlh Insurance 2019  –  the penalty for not having  Medical Insurance that meets Minimum Effective Coverage (MEC) has been reduced to 0.  You will still receive proof of medical insurance for each person covered and you should still bring those as proof your dependents lived with you.

If you receive  a 1095-A – or if you acquired insurance through the Marketplace (ACA) (Obomacare).  We will need the 1095-A to file your taxes.

EXTENDERS BILL – Our  government has once again decided to pass a last minute tax bill extending some credits and deductions for 2019.  The IRS will have to modify their systems to account for those and have not announced when they will start accepting returns.

Mortgage Insurance Premium deduction (PMI) deduction  was extended for 2019.

Energy Credit was extended for 2018 & 2019.

Medical deduction cap was reduced from 10% to 7.5%

The above-the-line qualified tuition and related expenses deduction  has been extended for 2019.

GET IN EARLY – If you wait until after April 1st to make your appointment, there is a chance that we may not be able to complete your tax return until after the deadline.

STATES! – We do not prepare state tax returns for the following states:  California, Maryland, New York, and Oregon. These states require special registration and education that is too expensive for us to be profitable.

W2 / 1099 PREPARATION – We can prepare your W2’s and 1099’s and electronically file them with the IRS or SSA or you can prepare and file them by using  You will not have to send anything to the Government.  We can also mail the 1099’s or W2’s to your payees and you won’t have to do anything.  We will charge $5.00 for each W2 or 1099.

PAYMENT – We do expect payment when you pick up and sign your tax return. We accept most major credit cards, cash, checks, and debit cards.  You can also pay online here: